be different. be other.

welcome to the crew

grab a drink and stay for a while

To all of our friends reading this, you guys are rad! Thank you for being you. To any new faces, welcome to the crew. We’re the other guys, three friends selling shirts, having some fun along the way. We’re based in LA because that’s where we call home. We love clothes, our friends, our mothers and quoting movies. Building the other guys has been a blast, and we wanted to fill you in on our adventure thus far.

the idea

We don’t have one of those crazy stories on how this all started. We don’t have that charitable cause that changes the world. We were just three buds enjoying a Saturday, crackin a couple beers — maybe one too many. We had an idea to start something that represented us… something real, something fun. We’re a couple kids with an awesome friend group, and we wanted to make something for all of us. We love clothes and we love our crew, so out popped the other guys.

the adventure

We set out to create this clothing line. Truth be told, we had no idea what we were doing. Like every other plan we have, we were just going to wing it… figure it out along the way. We got our first samples made and they looked like shit. No sweat, we still got this. We scaled all of Los Angeles looking for the right vendors to create us shirts we felt great about. We got lost once or twice, took a couple wrong turns, and even managed to stumble upon a delicious little taco truck called Leo’s Tacos. If you haven’t been, grab the al-pastor… it’s $1 and it’s fire. We met some awesome people along the way, had some great laughs, and ended up with a pretty sweet little clothing line if we do say so ourselves.

the “other” guys

For those of you who know us, you know we’re not your normal batch of guys. We don’t like normal, so we chose a name that best describes us. We’re the other guys. We’re a little weird, a little kooky from time to time. We love to have fun, sometimes too much fun. We’ve been known to spontaneously buy a round for the entire crew… we may think twice about it next time, but it was totally worth it. The other guys are the behind the scenes folk. They don’t need an award, they don’t need any acknowledgment, just a couple drinks and a good laugh. When those late nights turn to early mornings, look around… they’ll still be there standing.

the crew

Stay simple, stay affordable. We’re not fashion experts, we just like to make cool threads and don’t overcharge for it. The design of our shirt isn’t going to change who you are or what you do. That being said, our moms do think we look pretty handsome in them. We’re a brand for the crew. We all have one. All of ours are different, in one weird way or another, but they’re still the crew. We’re not reinventing the wheel, clothing has been around forever. We’re just trying to give you something to relate to when you put it on. Welcome to the crew.


the other guys

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