We all come to a point in our lives when we have to step out of our comfort zones to get what we need.

It’s so easy to stay put, to take the easy way out, to just slip and slide and go with the flow.

It’s so hard to step out and be different, to make that bold step into the unknown where only the brave thread.

That’s the point I have come to today. I have a decision to make that will either make or break the career path I have chosen and you know what; it is scary.

Everything in life is a risk and so is this too. It could literally make me or break me.

There’s only one way to know.

Do I take that bold step and grab on or do I just fold my arms and wait for the next opportunity a few years down the road?

Only time will tell which path I will thread. The answer is within me. It rolls around in my head like a top spinning, wobbling and about to stop.

When it finally does, what answer would I have reached? It is a decision I would prefer I didn’t have to make.

Unfortunately, one way or the other, a decision must be made.

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