I have a friend on Medium called Osasu.


I’m writing this article about him coincidentally on the day he knew I had created this publication. I wonder what he’ll think about this post, lol.

I’ll share a bit about him, the much I know though.

He can spend all day at home in nothing but a bed sheet, watching movies.

He loves video games and movies. I’ll get him to start reviewing video games too. (I mean, I take credit for him starting his reviews about movies so there’s nothing to say he won’t take my advise & include video games).

He looks very dapper in pants, a crisp white shirt and a tie (i love ties so maybe therein lies the attraction)

He’s unemotional (a bit like me I must say)

He’s a true friend (spoken from experience. He was there for me and never grumbled to my face when I couldn’t brave the derision of others)

He has weird tastes.

He’s a bit of a freak (let me know if you’d like me to elaborate on this)

He’s level headed and calm (like me)

As much as we have a lot in common, we are different in so many other ways.

Oh, lest I forget, he made me return to Medium as a result of which this publication was born.

So thank you Osasu for making me think deeper, write clearer and desire to be better skilled at being a wordsmith.

A friend they say, is someone who cares for you deeply, is there for you always & desires to always see the best in you come out.

I’m Barbara Onianwah — a generally shy girl trying hard to coherently document her thoughts daily here on Medium. To get my other attempts at content creation weekly in your inbox, click here

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