Today, I clamped down on my alarm when it woke me up at 5am. I changed the time to 5.45am and eventually woke up at 6.15am.

Today, I wasn’t harried as I got ready for work like I usually am especially when I’ve to wait for my sister to have my bath.

Today, I wore makeup to work even though my entire body, soul and spirit was screamed NOOOOOOO.

Today, I walked to the bus stop, took a keke out of the estate and then got a cab to take me to my office in Opebi.

Today, my family is moves to a new house for the first time in a long time and we are all super excited.

Today, I read Jonas Ellison here on Medium and decide - perhaps its time for me to bypass the alleys and side roads of life and just come out and say it as it is everyday. Thanks Jonas

Today, I decide to write exactly what’s in my head, everyday, here on Medium, for as long as I can, be as true to myself as I can be and say it exactly as it is without a coat of floral words like writers sometimes do.

Today, I introduce you to me. My name is Barbara. I’m from a family of 5. I work a 9–5 as an Advertising professional. I have a blog where I pour my passion. I’m multi-passionate as I’ve discovered and with my family’s move to a new house, this is a new lease on life for me to explore everything I want to explore.

Welcome to my today, tomorrow and for as long as possible.

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