Jersey girls make crowdfunding cry

Island Games

The defending champions of the women’s football title at the Natwest Island Games are turning to crowdfunding to help them retain their title at next year’s competition in Gotland, Sweden.

Photo: @JfaWomen /Twitter

The Jersey women secured the 2015 title on home soil after failing to travel to the 2013 competition held in Bermuda. The 2011 competition held on the Isle of Wight saw the Channel Islanders finish 8th.

The side estimates the cost of their cup run to reach £40,000 and so they are appealing to the Island’s patriotism to raise £10,000 toward flights and accommodation.

“The whole island seemed to get behind us [in 2015], the crowds were massive,” manager Simon Petulla told local radio station Channel 103.

“I think people will remember that and will really want us to go and do well again.”

But as past results have shown, crossing the seas and winning the title in a foreign land poses a much sterner test of ability.

“We want to make history retaining the title, so we need to make sure all of our squad’s there, and that everyone’s available for selection,” said Petulla, “We’re going to be the team to beat.”