Olympic shop-window a success for South Pacific

Pacific Games

Fiji’s gold medal win in the Olympic rugby sevens has given the South Pacific a boost it must consolidate to deliver a successful 2019 Pacific Games, South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) CEO Chris Cocker told The Fiji Times.

The 2019 event is to be hosted in Nuku’alofa, Tonga and Cocker also noted the increased visibility of that nation after flag-bearer, Pita Nikolas Taufatofua, in the shop-window of the opening ceremony, grabbed the world’s attention by marching oiled and bare-chested, dressed in nothing but a tapa (Tongan bark cloth).

Tonga, with shirts. Photo: Tonga Sports Assoc/Facebook

“Fiji’s outstanding win and Tonga’s scene-stealing flag-bearer have helped raise a tremendous amount of global interest in the region, which our national tourism organisations now need to capitalise on,” said Cocker.