While others watch the Olympics, Arnold Schwarzenegger plots world domination

No Arnold isn’t playing the villian in his upcoming film, this is all business.

From Rugby to the Rubik Cube, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Arnold Classic events entered the Asian market last week with the inaugural Arnold Classic Asia in Hong Kong from August 19–21.

“I’ve been doing this for 40 year and for me it is not only important to be a bodybuilding champion and to do movies and to be the governor but to use my power of influence to promote health and fitness all over the world.” said Schwarzenegger, as he listed his CV for press at the launch.

With the Asian-leg of the Arnold Classic jigsaw now in place, the Governator’s ubiquity is now assured as Asia becomes the final continent to receive its own Arnold multi-sports festival bar Antartica.

Arnold’s face all over Hong Kong. Photo: Muscle Insider/Twitter

“Asia is very important, it has two-thirds of the worlds population,” added Schwarzenegger, adding that Hong Kong was the place to be because it is a “hip place”.

Schwarzenegger’s move into multi-sport events began with the hosting of the Arnold Sports Festival in Colombus, Ohio since 1989. At the heart of the event containing over 30 different sporting events is a bodybuilding competition considered one of the most prestigous on the circuit — the IFBB pro Arnold Classic.

Next up on Arnold’s plan for worldwide domination is Arnold Classic Europe from September 23 to 25 in Barcelona, Spain