Critical Reflection Prompt 2: Discourses that construct people as “other”and current events.

What? How does “helping and fixing” construct people who are “helped” as others? Why does Illich plead with Americans not to come to Mexico to help? (Please use at least one quote from each text [Remen and Illich] to support your interpretation).

So What? What are the consequences of discourses that construct people as others? Specifically, explain the context of the current event that you’ve selected. Describe the power dynamic in this example that enables one group of people to control the discourse about another group? How are people constructed as others in this discourse? (Please include a link to your current event article or video.)

Now What? How does this concept (discourses that construct people as “other”) inform your approach to working with community? Do you see your role at your community partner site differently? What questions do you have about how these ideas or information relate to the community/people you are working with? (You do not need to speak to each question but please use specific evidence [quotes] from the readings to support your thinking.)

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