Critical Reflection Prompt #9: Latino Immigrant Experience, Policy, and the Dream.

What? How does Noguera explain the differences between the hopes and aspirations of first and second generation Latino immigrants? Noguera references Proposition 187, passed in California. What was Prop 187 and how did it affect Latinos in California? How does Halcon’s story of the Burrito King illustrate some of the issues of assimilation and acculturation that children like Miguel Fernandez face?

So What? Why isn’t hard work alone enough for children like Miguel Fernandez to succeed? How is disillusionment among second generation immigrants linked to the promise of the American Dream? How do differences in the experiences of first generation and second generation Latino immigrants sometimes lead to tensions between the two groups?

Now What? What are the positions of the leading candidates in the presidential election on immigrants: Trump, Cruz, Clinton and Sanders? How could the immigration policies of the next president affect the people at your service-learning site? Do you plan to vote in the June primary? Do you plan to campaign for your favorite candidate and/or work to “get out the vote” among the youngest generation of American voters?