Cultural Conflicts between Different Civilizations

Huntington states that the most dangerous conflicts will not be between the different social classes, but between people who have different culture background. In the text, Huntington says, “The philosophical assumptions, underlying values, social relations, customs, and overall outlooks on life differ significantly among civilizations”. I think when people come from different culture background, they think the other groups of people are “the other” based on their behavior, habit, customs and so on. Most people think the other groups of people are different from them, but they ignore some important parts that similarities can exist across groups. Also ethnography is not subjective and scientific, we need to experience different cultures in order to have our own thoughts. I think many cultural conflicts because of the lack of communication. I think this analysis expand my perspective on some religious conflicts in the world today, such as ISIS. The opposed religious groups don’t understand the other group’s belief, but if they start learning and experiencing the other religion, they may find there are some similarities between the two religions and start to talk to each other more instead of fighting. Now I think my role in the community site is different, because my role is not only to help the people in the community, but also to understand what are their roots and help people within different cultural background to understand with each other. I think I may ask some questions about their daily life and what their family do during holiday to those people I am going to work with in the community site.