Dear Alice

Dear Alice,

You are white. By this simple fact you will fully not understand the injustices and discrimination that others have dealt with at the hands of those who share our skin color. For people who share our compplection has looked down upon others who do not look like us as second class citizens. You are white. Forever remember that by that simple fact there are things that will be given to you while others have to fight for the same right. Right now you are young and can see past the color of a person’s skin but that will not last long, society will make sure of that. When you are older, I will give you a book. One that will make you see the inequality that skin color can cause. Between the World by Ta-Nehisi Coates will open your eyes upon the fact that you are not lucky to receie the things you did, you are priveledged. Priveledged because you are white with blonde hair and blue eyes. Those very features will protect you later on in life for when you have to step up and defend yourself verbally against another white person, you will be backed by other while the author of the book cannot do the same thing when his child is pushed. When a black man as he steps up to defend his own family, a white man yells, “I could have you arrested.” You will not recieve this same reaction is you did the same thing. When a person who has a different skin color raises up to defend themselves only to be shot down, it is like we are telling him, “We have control of your body.” Are you starting to see why you stand differently in society than this man? But you are still young, you cannot fully understand the presparity between you and those who do not share your skin color. I see in your eyes that shine with a level of innocence that you simply see those people in power as righteous people with no bias or discrimination. While I want to maintain that innocence, I cannot help but feel that you need to see the truth. The police that you idolize are not the pillars of perfection that you praise them to be. They cut down children of color before they have a chance at seeing the goodness in life. Many of these cut down too short were seen as diliquents for what they wear and the music that they play. They are judged by what they look like. Children in these communities are told to be “twice as good” so as not to be mislabelled as troublemakers. These should not be children should be taught, “you exist. You matter. You have value. You have every right to wear your hoodie to play your music as loud as you want. You have every right to be you. And no one should deter you from being you. You have to be you. And you can never be afraid to be you.” So Alice as the innocence leaks from the shine in your eyes and you see the painful truth, remember you are white and you can stand up and make sure people can hear you when you say I am not afraid of who I am so why cannot those who look like me say the same thing.

Good luck out there,