Selfie Assignment

Selfie #1

These are old selfies of my father and I during a flash flood that occurred in front of my house. This picture shows the origin, race, and ethnicity portion by highlighting the different color of skin that me and my father possess. It also displays my sexuality and my gender due to my shirt being off. The socio economic perspective is also being displayed by the cars that are in my driveway, as well as the picture being displayed i my garage which establishes that i am a middle class American.
This was an old selfie that was taken during lunch with my mother at olive garden. This picture shows the other half of my ethnic background which explains where my white skin came from. People would often confuse my mother with being full white, but she is actually half white, half filipino from the visayan background of the philippines, which makes me 75% filipino. This also shows that I am middle class since i am having lunch at olive garden, which is slightly expensive.
This photo shows that i go to a middle class public school since I am going to prom! Many low class schools cannot afford to host proms due to lack of participants willing to spend money on tickets as well as dress clothes. This displays that i am middle class since I can afford to go to prom.
This photo shows that I am middle class since my family could afford to buy me my own vehicle.
this selfie shows how I am middle class since I can afford to buy nice shoes, as well as my sexuality and gender by me displaying my physique with my shirt off.

WHAT: The aspects of my identity that are visible in these selfies are my ethnic background which is white and filipino, my middle class lifestyle due to my clothing, and posessions, as well as where I am able to eat, and my sexuality and gender due to the shirtless selfies I used to post. Due to being middle class, and since i appear as white I am open to more opportunities that the average minority would not have access to. An advantage to being white as well as filipino gives me the power to be a mestizo, which ultimately means white and filipino. This allows me to accept the sad truth that minorities are subject to less opportunities, and creates a diverse perception since I myself have experienced poverty when I was younger. It allows me to have a voice for both sides, and to fight for whats right in our country.

SO WHAT: This is significant to how others see me because social media has given the younger generation power to display their own identity, as well as see others. People post things such as money, food, selfies, as well as sexuality attention posts that define your personality as a individual. By being able to post, I am given the power to impact others through my personal life, and to show my life as a middle class, mestizo who is proud of his accomplishments. My identity is different from my parents because as children their families were low class and did not give them everything that i have access to such as schooling, good food, and opportunities. My father ended up not graduating high school, and my mother graduated but did not go to college since she had my older brother at 18 years old. I am a first generation college student, and I have the power to guide my children to the identity that I had experienced and to give them the chance to become a college student and have a positive impact on this world.

NOW WHAT?: When thinking about my own identity in comparison to the children at CCCSF, I look at their identity as low class children from immigrated families that have not had opportunities due to poverty and the lack of guidance. Them being at CCCSF gives them the extra guidance towards becoming an American citizen by learning to read, as well as gaining ideal mannerisms. Thats what i’ve seen from my perspective, but maybe their identities mean more than just that. They probably want to be identified as chicanos or chicanas, who have a voice in the world and also have open opportunity just like everyone else. The way I perceive them is children who need help, but maybe I should begin to realize that they are individuals who want to be identified as equal, rather than feeling pity for their current situation.

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