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Several years ago I decided to create my online presence as a medium. In my search for a domain name I did what anyone would do and I actually searched for availability. It came as no surprise that it had been snatched up. Therefore, I went with my realistic first choice, and I really do love Medium in the Raw…it suits me quite well. If you chose to follow my blog, you will see, or rather read.

For more than a year I have grown a bit antsy and restless with social media. Don’t get me wrong, I am just as addicted as the rest of you (as was proven by my feeble attempts to delete the apps from my phone…I think that lasted for about 12 hours). I have become more frustrated by the lack of intellectual stimulation and the mind numbing posts that are a constant stream on my news feed. I have been hungry, or rather, quite thirsty for stimulating thought that really does not exist on my FB feed. It has been quite frustrating as it feels that my brain is dumbing down a bit, I need the intellectual exercise, I am out of fat brain shape to be sure!

Okay, so I will get to the point of all this ramble. I am VERY excited about this platform Quite frankly, I think it is brilliant. I look forward to reading blogs here and following many who are actually taking time to write thought provoking articles. AND, as an added plus, I will do the same. For several days now, I have been googling tips and tricks about all things and I will say this again. This is quite brilliant! I love it!

You may wonder why I am all-aboard and happy about blogging here, especially if you have noticed that I do have a blog on my own personal site I am quite happy with it and you can expect to see some of my posts show up here that I create there, its just that I do love the social media experience, and offers an already built in audience of friends and professionals. I have created social websites, they were okay, but simply put, a pain in my neck. Too many people to babysit. Yes, it is true, trolls are everywhere. I am happy that I don’t have to spend my time doing that anymore!

What You Can Expect

I will be publishing many stories. Mainly, I will be sharing with you, the reader, my life as a medium. I will be covering many, many topics, because there really is so much to share. I will also be posting the videos of my TV shows Medium in the Raw and Local Haunts (they air Sundays @ 9pm and 9:30 on CW17 in Jax, Fl) along with a story sharing some of my experiences during each taping. Anyway, come along with me on this journey. Sign up with a account and follow me and join in, this is going to be a beautiful journey!

Much Love,

Pamela Theresa, Medium in the Raw

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