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Local Haunts Investigates

Debunking Evidence

Often while investigating the paranormal you will record evidence or in some cases evidence will be presented to you. Such is the case on our most recent investigation at the Green Cove Animal Hospital.

Steve Christian and Pamela Theresa of Local Haunts

They called Local Haunts because of many unexplained occurrences that were happening on a regular basis. One occurrence is that objects are thrown from shelves by unseen hands while people are present. So Local Haunts went after hours to investigate. Spiritual Medium Pamela Theresa connected to several earthbound spirits that dwell in the clinic. And they admitted to throwing things around. But not to scare, but to get the attention of employees.

Local Haunts investigates Green Cove Animal Hospital

We noticed during our investigation that the Animal Hospital was equipped with night vision surveillance cameras. We asked the owner if she had noticed anything moving on her cameras. She admitted to not even thinking about checking them for paranormal activity.

Local Haunts investigates

About 2 weeks after our investigation we received another call that they had activity and that they caught it on camera. I rushed out to pick up a copy of the video captured by their surveillence cameras. I watched it on the spot and decided to see if I could find a logical explanation to what I saw happen on video. This is important as it is our job to present evidence. Often times we think we capture something amazing only to discard it because we could later debunk it. This was not the case with the video captured by the Animal Hospital’s cameras. Sure there is a lot going on in the video. But nothing physical can account for what happened. So I tried to recreate what I saw on video by trying different things that might account for what was caught on video. No luck. I simply could not find a logical explanation. And as it validated what they claimed was happening on a regular basis in the clinic, it became evidence.

Local Haunts Steve Christian

Look for the All New Episode of Local Haunts investigation of the Green Cove Animal Hospital coming soon. Local Haunts airs Sundays at 9:30pm following Medium in the Raw featuring Spiritual Medium Pamela Theresa on Jacksonville’s CW17. If you live outside of the viewing area, you can catch Local Haunts on the Local Haunts youtube channel. www.youtube.com/localhaunts

Spiritual Medium Pamela Theresa connects with those that dwell in the haunted location
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