Steve Christian, Creator & Producer of Local Haunts

What makes a place “Haunted”?

Over the years people often ask me, what is the most haunted location I’ve investigated? The answer is not a simple one. Because unlike common beliefs, history of a location does not create a haunt. No axe murder is required for a location to be occupied by earthbound spirits. They just exist and need a place to be. That place can change with their desire to either be there or somewhere else. And they often travel from location to location. They often hitch rides with the living and follow them for a while. Then on to the next place of interest or desire.

The simple truth is it would be harder to find a space that does not have earthbound spirits than to find one that does. Because if a space does not have them, who is to say that the ones that followed me there as an invisible entourage won’t decide to stay a while? Why an earthbound spirit decides to “haunt” a location is as varying as the reason they remain earthbound to start with. It is their free will and awareness that allows them to transition and move on to the higher level existance. Heaven or whatever you want to call it. There they gain universal sight and wisdom. It is with that awareness that spirit can truly continue to help their heartbeat on the ground. The loved ones they left behind. #localhaunts