It is true, whether you like it or not!

What is bravery
Is it the bravado
The increase in decibel levels
An increase in speed

The motion of doing something
Or seem to be so
Yet the question remains

It is an act
Of putting on a face
As if nothing could go wrong

A more practical answer
Would be what I heard in a movie
Bravery is acting
As if there is no fear!!

If that is true
It also means that all the braves
Are also cowards
Hiding behind something

Nothing wrong with that
The meaning and the stereotype
As hiding is what we do
Quite normally in our daily life

Just facing such a truth
Makes us that tad bit

To get things done
To find a Solution
To bulldoze through
If it takes putting on a facade

Let’s do it
As DOING trumps
everything else

All the time!

Pravin Shekar is an outlier marketer and a raconteur.

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