Confidence. Knowledge.

Being loud and in your face.
Shouting, waving
Excessive body language

Doesn’t make you right

It may intimidate some
Push away a few
Keep cronies beside
Still doesn’t make it right

Charm and such fake facades
Last fifteen minutes
After that
You bloody well know something

Nope, not right

Confidence is not knowledge
Nor is it any proof
That you really know something
Beneath the strong face

When you know
It shows
And that will speak loudest
All the time

Some nudging helps
As does demonstrable proof
To turn the data
Into knowledge

That when out to good use
Is wisdom
Neither of which
Needs a brash underline

Confidence glows from within
reflected amongst those who know
and respect you for the proof
the assistance and the approachability

A true “knower”
Always shares

And moves on!

Pravin Shekar is an outlier marketer and a raconteur.

For unconventional ideas, write to Outlier AT

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Pravin is the author of multiple books:

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Pravin Shekar

Pravin Shekar

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