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A healthcare marketing journey : Episode 7

Adithya A
Adithya A
Sep 7 · 3 min read
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In a study it was observed that 71% of patients look at online reviews before booking a consultation with a new provider. This shows the significance of online reviews and how much it influences the patient in making decisions. Med Urgent Care did not consider the negative reviews it garnered across platforms like yelp and eventually had to close down. With the advent of so many review platforms like Google reviews, Zocdoc, and Practo, Healthcare providers should pay attention to what their patients are posting about their services.

Having positive reviews can significantly improve your credibility, which in turn results in getting more patients on board. People will develop trust in your healthcare services if you have good online reviews. When people trust your healthcare services, you stand out to them from other healthcare providers. Reviews also play a role in SEO ranking. With this clear picture of the importance of online reviews, here are the ways you can get the most out of it.

1.Ask patients for reviews. This sounds old school, but it is the most effective way to generate online reviews. You can demand a review from your patient, ask them to review politely, and a study says that 7 out of 10 patients will drop a review when they are asked.

Remember that a review is a feedback of your service, so good services result in good reviews. There are many automated review generating tools in the market that fabricates positive reviews. But this can impact your accountability. The best way is to gain reviews organically.

2.Provide Feedback Links:

Make it easier for the patients to drop their review as they will not provide any feedback if the process is laborious. Provide them with links of your website where they can give their feedback, through text messages or emails.

Reviews should not be automated, but review requests can be automated. Remind your patients to provide feedback by sending emails regularly. Integrate your review requests along with the newsletter emails.

3.Respond to Reviews:

Responding to reviews is another crucial aspect that can improve the connection with the patient. When you respond to reviews, it creates an image that the opinions of the patients are heard and valued.

It encourages patients to provide their feedback more often. Acknowledging negative reviews with prompt responses will send out a positive message to that patient.

4.Share Your Reviews:

Reviews are going to come from various platforms like yelp etc. Compiling those reviews and curating the relevant reviews that can benefit you must be carried out. Once you have curated a set of reviews, integrate them to your website. People visiting your website should be able to read online reviews about you. Post these reviews on your social media platforms which helps you gain tractions and also encourages your followers to drop reviews.

Your online presence greatly depends on your online reviews. With more people turning to the internet to find healthcare providers, you should thrive to garner online reviews. Reviews are not only going to bring you more patients but also provide insights about your services which can help you to improve your services and encourage you to provide better patient experience.

So let’s start reviewing !!!!

Adithya was the host for the Branding and Patient Experience Summit for Doctors

He was the creative lead for this summit. Adithya has worked on several market research studies with doctors across India. Being an operations guy wants to explore and learn new things always. ,,

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Adithya A

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Adithya A

Research Analyst for Healthcare Research at Krea

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