Who else but…?

Pravin Shekar
The Outlier Marketer


Make it easy
for the recipient to understand

You know what you know
the context and the details
She doesn’t

When you talk, then
speak her language
in a manner that is easy to understand

When you share your history
and context of the message
What you say is what she hears

In the world of Ime myself
we assume she knows
and therefore comprehends

Not the same lingo

We need to know the meaning
and ensure the purport is just as

Isn’t that the basis of all communication
I say, you listen

You know exactly what I mean

And do just that!

My idea
in your language
Will taste they much sweeter

For both of us

The onus though
is on me

To make it easy
For you…

Pravin Shekar is an outlier marketer and a raconteur.

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