Connections in “their” medium of choice

#micromarketing lessons from an interview with Jeyappriya Dhevi, MD of Kriyative Learning Solutions.


· CASE STUDY based approach to build conversations and connections.

· CONTENT CURATION to build a community of influencers

· Keeping friends close and COMPETITORS closer!

Hello, and welcome to another episode of the micro marketer. Today, we have Jeyappria Dhevi, Managing Director at Kriyative Learning Solutions. And she is here to talk to us about a couple of episodes of micro marketing at Kreative. Over to you, JP.


Hi, Pravin, and thanks for inviting me to share my learnings here. As Pravin rightly said, I am providing educational solutions to schools like curriculum training and lately, artificial intelligence curriculum for schools. My consumers are mostly teachers and students, whereas our customers are owners of the school and principals. So, it’s kind of a mixed group of people whom we have to address while we are marketing. And school education solutions are a very highly connected and competitive industry. So, it is a very highly seasonal business well, knocking their doors for business only works so much.

Lots of it is based on rapport-building exercises. And there is one particular scenario that I want to discuss right now.

So, I wanted to nurture a community of influencers and keep them close.

So that we can slightly nudge our product when the time is right. So, I created a Whatsapp group with a few thought leaders and few industry leaders and all the potential clients as well. And then we issued an open invitation for Whatsapp group in our educational forum and several other forums. Many of them joined, and we had to weed out some of them when they did not follow the code of conduct of the group, but we wanted to keep the topics going as a conversational thing rather than having it as an admin-only kind of a group.

So, we started adding some topics on whatever was current and relevant for the industry at that point of time in those groups.

And then we did not write them all by ourselves; we also got it from so many other places like, you know, Finland, US and so many other things that people look up to for educational needs. And this actually was very interesting for that particular community, and then they started conversing on the good and bad of each of those articles. And then they started sharing a lot of their articles, their perspectives and things which they felt were right for the group. So, this is one thing which was fantastic, and then ours is a very seasonal business, as I said. So, whenever the time was right,

I used to kind of release one small case study based on the product, and the owner of that particular case study,

I mean that particular school on which the case study was made, will be a part of that Whatsapp group as well.

So, with this case study, we emphasized the change which we had made in that particular school. And then questions started directly going to the person who was there in that group. And then it became conversational, and all this created a lot of interest. And this, in turn, started getting back to me as business requests, this was one thing which happened, which was very interesting.

Another thing as an offshoot of this, I was thinking, why not create something for parents and Facebook, and Facebook marketing or something very new. And I thought, what if we take the same community approach over there?

So, I started a community for parents and started adding lots of my friends and my kids, school parents as well.

And this was something which was becoming larger. And we had some good puzzles, some games and all those things. Every week, we keep introducing some new things over there. And that became something very interesting for many of them, and they also started contributing towards this and one very unlikely thing which happened I did not envisage this to happen.

Our competitors also started wanting to get into this particular community, which I was curating without knowing that I was curating this.

And I welcomed all of them. And this was very insightful for me and also fun for me to watch them promote their product and then talk about their product, see their pricing and so many other things over there. It is there out in the market. It is not something very confidential, which they were sharing there. But then as a community owner, I was able to directly see what all the things there in the market are, I could also see some new products coming into the market. So that was something very interesting that happened with this. So, these two things I thought I would share with you.


Brilliant JP, Brilliant, you don’t need hours of learning, five minutes is more than enough. And what I’ve written down is five C’s for Kreative, which is you’ve taken the CASE STUDY approach to build conversation and connections. You became the CONTENT CURATOR. And as an unlikely part, you’ve got COMPETITORS coming in sharing their information straight up to you. What more do you want?

But what I love the most is you built the COMMUNITY of influencers, and the followers follow through. You didn’t do any overt marketing, but it was a case study and highlighting the hero, heroine of the case study so that more conversations can come on. To me, a hallmark of micro marketing because you have got your niche right on. All the very best to you, JP, and thank you very much for sharing it with us.

Pravin Shekar is an outlier marketer, parallel entrepreneur and a raconteur.

mic @ .

Pravin is the author of three books: on outlier marketing, Getting paid to speak, and a collection of travel pics/romantic poems!

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