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Micromarketing: Experiential Marketing

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#micromarketer lessons from an interview with @Archana Stalin from #MyHarvestFarms

“I told everyone what I am creating is like you have your own farm. You do not have to buy a farm, and people thought I was crazy”, says Archana, co-founder of MyHarvest Farms, when she shared her insights of micromarketing.


· Curate a small set of clients with razor sharp segmenting/persona building

· Focus on experiential marketing with this specific set

· Make an emotional connect

· Repeat!

Copper Sulphate is one of the many hazardous chemical compounds added to fruits and vegetables to make it look fresh. Usage of dangerous chemical substances as fertilizers, pesticides and preservatives has become a severe threat. The thought of feeding your kids with such poisonous chemicals is scary. What if you can harvest your own vegetables that are 100% organic? This question has made Archana Stalin launch her dream business, MyHarvest Farms.

MyHarvest Farms differs from other organic vegetable providers in the fact that they not only provide you with the vegetables but also enable you to farm them on your own. People who are passionate about farming but cramped up in apartments which have no space to do farming can now experience it, thanks to Archana Stalin’s MyHarvest Farms.

Building a rapport with customers is one of the most paramount steps to ensure customer retention. It does not only involve retaining the current customers but also aids the company reach more potential customers through word of mouth marketing.

Giving clients a sense of involvement:

While it is indispensable that providing value for the customer is the primary step in building a rapport with the audience, it is essential to create a sense of involvement among customers. The customers should feel that they are a part of the business. This, in turn, improves the credibility of the organization as the customers feel more connected with the business.

“We made sure every family was called an Urban Farmer”, says Archana, founder of My Harvest Farms on how they improved their credibility. My Harvest Farms does ‘Natural Farming’ with complete transparency.

Archana tailored a strategy of branding the customers as ‘Urban Farmers’. Right from the bag which read, “I am an urban farmer”, to the messages, notifications, and videos, the customers were given the sense of the farm being their own.

In Archana’s words: “I want people to feel like a farmer”. So, you live in the city, but you feel like a farmer. And so, we did two things. One, we wanted to try this with a very close set of families. So, I put together customer personas for My Harvest Farms. And our assumption was that majority of the families would be parents of kids. When they are buying food for children is when they become conscious. So, we tried with one set of families who were conscious about what they give as food to their children, the other set was full of farming, who had the guilt of not doing farming in their own land or wish to do farming after retirement. These were the two subsets of people we had.

Working with smaller subsets of customers, 18 families in Archana’s case, enhanced the impact of this strategy. These customers who felt they were part of a community turned out to become the initial referring engines for the business. The micromarketing withthe initial 18 families has continued to grow to 350 families till date.

What is your micromarketing strategy?


Pravin Shekar is an outlier marketer, parallel entrepreneur and a raconteur.

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Pravin is the author of three books: on outlier marketing, Getting paid to speak, and a collection of travel pics/romantic poems!

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