ONE MOMENT OF MADNESS is all that’s required!

A poem to underline a message


This moment
that is my own
Am I waiting for someone
Perhaps myself

My eyes close
thinking about the good things
Past and present
And the lips curl, involuntarily

This moment of love
Waiting for the best of me
to step out

Dreams forming in my mind,
they have been for a while now.
Getting me ready to get things done

Am I not the ruler of my dreams
The king, the queen and the public
Sometimes truth can be faked
Becoming reality

A time of confluence
My ideas and work
This season of success
Starting with the first step, my step.

A slice of time
Carved out for me, by me
Thoughts to dreams to action
My work that I was born to do!

Pravin Shekar is an outlier marketer, parallel entrepreneur and a raconteur.

mic @ PravinShekar.com .

Pravin is the author of seven books: Devil Does Care, Marketing lessons from Mythology, Getting paid to speak, a Virtual Summit Playbook, Climb your way out of hell & a collection of travel pics/romantic poems, and stories from the heart!


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Pravin Shekar

Pravin Shekar

OUTLIER Marketer @ http://www.krux108.com | AUTHOR@ http://tiny.cc/PravinShekarBooks | DISRUPTOR @ prettymucheverywhere!!! |