Again and Again!

Pravin Shekar
The Outlier Marketer


I pick a book
I read it

I visit a place
I click

A restaurant
I eat

What if I can redo it?

The book may remain the same
But different lines now speak to me
Much different that sections that appealed
In the past

I have changed
As has my perspective
And current challenges
Resonance from the book

A wise person once said
When I dip my foot in a stream
Nothing ever remains the same again
Neither the stream, nor the foot, not the wetness

A place visited again
Lures me into hidden alleys
A different level of wow

She changes with every season
A new look
Fresh partnership
As she aims to please, the artist in me

I go to that restaurant
As familiarity pulls me in
As does wonder
How they’ve made that small change
To embellish my experience further

Oh the possibility
To redo certain acts
The learning that comes with it
Every time

A different time
The same me


With the new me!

Pravin Shekar is an outlier marketer and a raconteur.

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