Krav Maga learning interpretation 12

Pravin Shekar
Nov 13 · 6 min read


Rani was walking fast. Her hair was flowing and bouncing off her shoulders with every step. Tears streamed past her eyes and temples. She was climbing the hill. She breathed through clenched teeth.

Her steps hurried, yet firm. It appeared that she knew what she was doing. The weather around kept changing, but it was as if nature was reflecting Rani’s mood.

Gusts of wind rustling through the trees. Whistling and howling. Dark clouds all around with the potential of lighting and thunder. She did not miss a step.

Rani stopped at the top, at the very edge of the knoll. It was a steep drop to the bottom. She stood at the edge on the balls of her feet, swaying. The wind picked up, and it was as if a gale was going to appear any second now.

Her tears had stopped, but the firmness of her face told a different story. What was she doing here? Why was she here? Were they tears of pain or joy? This place was familiar to Rani. This location was her refuge in good times and bad. She was at the crossroads of her career and life.

As she stood there, the wind could have easily tilted her over the top. Was that what she wanted? Was she looking for a new life?

She wanted a new start. That’s what I surmised. Who am I? I am a hermit, a wanderer who had made the knoll top my refuge. This is where I lived.

I have seen a lot of such youngsters. Some come to cool off, others to take off! What was Rani made of? I have seen her here, but never in this mode/mood. Could she be contemplating…..

I decided not to wait. I went to the spot she was standing and stood a few feet away. I looked outwards to the horizon, the same area that Rani was looking at. She was aware of my presence. We stood there as the wind picked up strength. I leaned on to my staff while she rebalanced the balls of her feet.

The gush of wind rustled through the trees and rushed on to face us. Silence can be deafening as well.

My presence seemed to placate Rani and confuse her as well. One always hesitates to do something new when in the company of others! In my good old days, my legal teacher used to mention. If you think a person is contemplating suicide, ensure that this person is fed a sumptuous meal! With a full belly, all one can think of is sleeping!

She didn’t seem to be in any hurry. I had nothing else to do. So we stood there for a long time. It was meditative. I whispered.

So, do you know why boxers use vaseline?

There’s something about strange locations and timing. One opens up to a rank stranger at times. You’ve done that as well, on journeys and random places — have in-depth conversations with an unknown person. Rani did that too.

Rani: Huh, what?

Do you know why boxers use vaseline on their face?


Rani: No……. Why?
What’s the weakest area for a boxer?

Rani: The face.

Boxers always hold their arms up, using their fist to cover their face. The face/brain needs to be protected at all times. Win or loss, survival, or death is dependent on it.

Rani: So?

It is inevitable though that the face is going to get hit. The boxers can get many body blows, but it will not put them down. The face, though…..

Rani: So, why, vaseline?

When boxers get hit on the face, there are key points that will contact the opponent’s gloves. When vaseline or other lubricant is applied to these contact points, it will ensure that the punch kind of slips away! It makes the skin more elastic and slippery!

Rani: Oh, come on!

Hmmm. Simplicity is always underrated. A typical punch will land square on your face and cause significant damage. The human instinct will ensure that we turn away from the impact of the punch. That motion, combined with a lubricated skin, ensures that blow glances away without cuts or permanent damage to the face. There is a dedicated person called “Cutman” responsible for applying vaseline!

It is the same reason why fingers are taped together. Individually, each finger is a weak spot. Taped together, the weak area is strengthened. You can work towards hiding your soft spot as much as possible. You need to be ready, though, for that weak spot to be attacked. This means that you need to hide that weak spot and look at ways to lower the impact damage. And in parallel, to strengthen that weakness.

Rani: What does have to do that with me?

You are here as you are in distress. Something in your life is off, but I think it is more do with your career. You are concerned with the attacks on something that you haven’t managed to do well.

Cover your weak spot, apply vaseline…. And bring someone on to strengthen your weakness. Your own personal “Cutman”!

Rani: How do you know so much? Who are you?

When the pupil is ready…..

The hermit walks off into the darkness, leaving Rani alone. She stood there for some more time.

Something about this random conversation felt correct. The person was random. He put forth a question which was completely unrelated. Then we had a conversation!

A cool breeze caressed her face, and a smile sneaked through. The warm glow within signified something.

Things are going to be alright.

For everything else, there’s vaseline!


Krav maga lesson:

When attacked, and you very well may, you need to know your weak spot. At this moment, you need to protect your face/head.


This applies more so in business moves, as attacks will come in from multiple sources. As a marketer, you need to know your product or service, along with what it cannot do. That is where the competition will attack.

Know yourself, cover your weak spot. At the very least, get your own “Cutman”, and use a lubricant to smooth things through :)

And as the hermit, make random connections to expand your learning: strategy and tactics!

Be an outlier marketer!

— — — —

This is the twelfth in the series of learning from Krav Maga.

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The Outlier Marketer

Non-traditional marketing stories and approaches to grow…

Pravin Shekar

Written by

OUTLIER Marketer @ | AUTHOR@ | DISRUPTOR @ prettymucheverywhere!!! |

The Outlier Marketer

Non-traditional marketing stories and approaches to grow your business faster

Pravin Shekar

Written by

OUTLIER Marketer @ | AUTHOR@ | DISRUPTOR @ prettymucheverywhere!!! |

The Outlier Marketer

Non-traditional marketing stories and approaches to grow your business faster

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