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How fast can you go?

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How fast can you go?

Very fast, you say.

How fast can you go without tripping and falling?

Your bravado will come in and say “very fast”, until that first fall. As you get up and dust all the sand off your face and dress, you realise that you focused on speed and lost control. You lost so much control that you fell. This time, somehow, you escaped with a bruised ego and just a couple of scratches. It could have got a lot worse.

So, really, how fast can you go?

Only as much as you can control.

This is the tenth in my Quad series of #AlternativeLearning. The title was mentioned by Coach Aneesh.

When you walk, there is a set of muscles that act. When you walk faster, some other muscles are called into action. When you start jogging and then slowly increase your pace, you know when you are at the edge. You know when you leave you ego far behind. You know when you observe your body and mind.

Walk, trot, canter, gallop.

Slow walk, walk, jog, run, sprint.

All are moves, with your body and mind.

You practice the moves. You practice the scenarios in your mind. The initial practice focus is on getting the moves right. Seemingly unrelated muscles need to be warmed up to avoid cramping or injury.

Individual moves, again, separate but it makes sense when it comes together, for a PURPOSE.

Why are you doing what you are doing? By when will you get it done? What do you need for that?

Isn’t life, and business then a JIGSAW puzzle that you’ve got to put together. And THEN start that slow walk towards the goal.

As you move, different parts come together and as you gain better control, and slowly move to a slow jog.

Slow and steady.
Looping the moves.
Muscles in sync
Beating to a time

A time
Communicated by your mind to the body
And then back again
In tune

There’s a focus on the goal
An objective clear as day
As you move faster
Just as fast you can control

Falling is inevitable
As is getting up
But every time I get up
I get up just a little bit wiser

And I run again
This time knowing
When to speed up and pull back
So I cross that winning line

And keep running
With control
And a wide smile

Speed is a function of control
And when I have better control
I control the future which is changing everyday
One move at a time.

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Pravin Shekar is an outlier marketer, parallel entrepreneur and a raconteur.

mic @ PravinShekar.com .

Pravin is the author of five books: Devil Does Care, Getting paid to speak, a Virtual Summit Playbook, Climb your way out of hell & a collection of travel pics/romantic poems!


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