That Nagging Fear

which doesn’t let go!!!!

Pravin Shekar
The Outlier Marketer


That nagging fear

I wake up with a worry
a foreboding
something’s not ok

That feeling lingers on
a thought in a loop
pulls me down

Irrational it is
as I am no soothsayer
Yet is nags on

Until I decide to focus
on something or someone
So intense

The only thought
is in the moment
The activity I am in

When I get physical
there’s no more scope
For any “thoughtlet” to remain

The fear, can be
stomped off

Or replaced
with positive action
Emptying the mind

Not allowing anything else to enter
and when it returns stronger
Aiming to avenge and pull you down

I kick harder to swim away



DOING trumps sedentary fears.
In life
and business

A nagging fear or a combination
Distracts us
From the mission and the larger possibilities

Plans will fail
Things will change
So will we.


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