War strategies for marketing! 14

Pravin Shekar
Dec 10, 2020 · 4 min read



Rajarajan III returned to Uraiyur, a victorious King. He had last visited the city when his father, Kulothunga Chozhan III, was still King.

So much had changed.

For Rajarajan, over the last couple of years, he had grown in strength and maturity. He found his consort Suganthi, a mentor in Agastyan and the love of his soldiers.

A bigger challenge awaited him: to learn the ropes of being a good ruler and to get used to the lull after the war storm.

Would the strategies of war be used in ruling a Kingdom? He was about to find out.

Rajaraja Chozhan III’s coronation was a grand affair. The people rejoiced. Neighbouring Kings and Princes arrived bearing gifts. Physical gifts, and the gift of friendship and alliance.

The new King got busy familiarising himself with the affairs of the state. His focus was more and more on the revenues, distribution and sorting out issues brought to his palace. A new set of problems requiring a different lens to provide solutions. Solutions that only should be equitable, but also be perceived as such. Reputations are built step by step.

His soldiers who had been on the battle road for close to two years were having adjustment issues. Frequent drunken brawls and fights with the family were being reported. Once vaunted soldiers were now on the verge of being disrespected by the populace. A fall from grace wasn’t far ahead. When this matter came up to Rajarajan, he wondered what the core problem could be.

The warriors had a routine when at war. When they got up, what they did, how they conducted — all were clear rules to be understood and followed. With a return to civilian stage, the soldiers had a lot of time at hand, and not much to do. An idle mind became the Devil’s workshop. Some resorted to teasing and tormenting the people. Others took to alcohol. A few just lazed around adding inches to their waistline. These men had become a drag to the Kingdom in their civilian avatars.

Rajarajan reached out to Agastyan who rode into his new Kingdom. Agastyan, was loaned to Rajarajan as a war commander. Upon completion, Agastyan had moved back to the Hoysala King, despite all requests by Rajarajan. Now, Agastyan returned as a “coach on demand”.

Agastyan took a week to walk around the Kingdom. He was taking mental notes and also observing everything that was happening around. Some soldiers recognised him and walked up to him for a chat. He camped overnight in villages. Campfire connections continued as he received direct feedback on the state of the nation the issues and about the men and their concerns.

“Prepare them for war!”, said Agastyan upon his return.

“Why? It has but been a year since we returned from a big war.”, said Rajarajan.

“Yes. War. A different one. The men need a routine. They need something to channel their energies into. You channeled their anger towards the opponent in the battlefield. They knew what they had to do. There was a purpose and a common goal. Now, we need to funnel the same towards something they know well. Let’s prepare them for war and use their skills as required.”

The men were recalled and training started. No additional information was given but a routine was set in. Along with strict discipline. Most of them returned to the training camps and resumed. Those who did not were rounded up and provided training for civilian jobs — farming, blacksmithing, carpentry and armament making. The men were so tired from training that they had neither time nor interest to raise people’s ire. Any whiff of alcohol meant additional rounds of running as punishment.

Within three months, the issues with the population resolved itself quite well.

The men had a purpose which was further directed towards safeguarding the borders and in quelling minor rebellions. Some of these men became war scouts, identifying and recruiting young talent within the Kingdom.

His job completed, Agastyan took leave of Rajarajan with one last piece of advice.

“In peace, prepare for war. In war, prepare for peace.”

  • Channel the energies of your team in a single direction, for a single objective. Keep them engaged on the purpose!
  • In peace, prepare for war. In war, prepare for peace. If you have won market share, prepare for the competition’s counter attack. Be ready for action and the equal and opposite reaction.

Lessons from Sun Tzu

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The Outlier Marketer

Non-traditional marketing stories and approaches to grow…

Pravin Shekar

Written by

OUTLIER Marketer @ http://www.krux108.com | AUTHOR@ http://tiny.cc/PravinShekarBooks | DISRUPTOR @ prettymucheverywhere!!! |

The Outlier Marketer

Non-traditional marketing stories and approaches to grow your business faster

Pravin Shekar

Written by

OUTLIER Marketer @ http://www.krux108.com | AUTHOR@ http://tiny.cc/PravinShekarBooks | DISRUPTOR @ prettymucheverywhere!!! |

The Outlier Marketer

Non-traditional marketing stories and approaches to grow your business faster

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