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Pravin Shekar
Jul 8 · 4 min read
Pic Pravin Shekar Trek to Bhrigu Lake, Himachal, India

Vagabonding as a way of life

He has completed his education and decides a 9 to 5 job is not for him. Neither is something into entrepreneurship.

And so, Rahul decided to find out what he wanted.

He packed a backpack and started walking. Call it inspiration from Forrest Gump or just a calling to wander around.

He set temporary roots in Varkala beach first. Staying put in a small lodging that had an eatery upfront, run by the same establishment. Over the next few weeks, Rahul started assisting the elderly couple running the hotel. He loved talking to the folks who dropped in and slowly eased into a combination role of a waiter and receptionist. Curious to the core and helpful, Rahul soon took over the evening to late-night kitchen duty. The owners gave him free lodging and food, and of course, got used to his frequent weekend vanishing act. Rahul loved exploring the state of Kerala and jumped onto a night bus at random. Wherever the bus took him, he went. Stayed for the weekend and returned on Monday morning.

After a year of such a stay, it was a tearful farewell. More from the elderly couple who had fallen in love with Rahul and his caring nature. They thrust some money into his hands and bid him good luck. He did not promise to stay in touch as he knew not where he would be and what he would do!

Rahul went to the train station and got a ticket for the next train out. He hopped on and off and landed in Pune. This time his lodging was at a retired teacher’s house. As usual, he had to step in and help around wherever he could. So, English coaching it was, for school and college students. The retired teacher taught math, and Rahul added language to the mix. Students grew, as did the revenue for the teacher who shared it with Rahul.

It was teaching and trekking for Rahul. Connecting with older students every weekend was a new adventure. A walk into the hills and forts of Maharashtra. Monsoons, vegetation, the words of poets and lilting songs, local cuisine for added taste, Rahul was fully immersed.

Teaching continued in the classroom and during these adventures. Before Rahul knew it, weekends were for language and creative retreats. Corporate officers and CEOs also joined in bouncing off their problems and seeking ideas. The math teacher now doubled up as the accountant too.

Over two years, Rahul had built a large community and following. He had accrued a large group of admirers. All of them were shocked to hear that Rahul will be moving out soon. As did the teacher, who settled the accounts rather generously, in Rahul’s opinion.

Move out, he did. Where to, the transportation decided. He hopped onto a bus. And then the next. Rahil found himself at the foothills of the Himalayas. It was as if the mountain queen herself beckoned. Rahul started his solo treks from Uttarakhand to Himachal Pradesh to Kashmir.

Along the way, he joined a trekking company and soon became a trek leader. A leader loved by many, as he brought language, strategy, humor, and camaraderie. Rahul regaled the trekkers every evening with stories of travel, fun, and misadventures. Most of them were shackled to their corporate life and lived vicariously through Rahul’s stories.

Charisma is inherent. With some, it shines and comes forth with every interaction. It was the same for Rahul. He loved this job that let him travel across while everything else was taken care of. New trails, friends, and skills; opened a lot of channels for Rahul.

Two years here, and yes, the itch returned. It was never a dissatisfaction.

Just hunger, and a quest for something else.

When some of his trekking buddies asked him why he said:

New experiences are what defines me. And you.

Some let it happen. I make it happen.
And now I am a cook, hotelier, teacher, trekker and a coach.

What are you?

Pravin Shekar is an outlier marketer, parallel entrepreneur and a raconteur.

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