What kind of a gardener am I?

Not a rhetorical question!

Pravin Shekar
The Outlier Marketer



I am no good with seeds
plants and dirt
and watering

My partner does that well
has an eye and a knack
For getting things to bloom

The greenery is a positive
Seeing something grow

Removing the weeds and leeches
Pruning dead stems
So the larger plant survives

I like doing that too
to myself
Using the scalpel on negativity

Watering my words
thoughts, actions
And creations

Experimenting quite a bit
Adapting some
Dropping a few

Falling in love with that one
For the year!
Not just a single day, but

When I do that to my circle
Of friends, collaborators
And those with potential

Helping them focus on what needs to be done
Being the once a week gardener
Pouring water on their head or lighting a fire under their ass

Isn’t that another way to care

Vicariously and literally

As any kind of good growth motivates
The catalyst will also change
And in time

We have our own small island
Of creative turbulence
And tranquility

Created by hand!

On Purpose.

Pravin Shekar is an outlier marketer and a raconteur.

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