Exactly the way you want do it it… Then…

Pravin Shekar
The Outlier Marketer


When you want me to do
Exactly the way you want it
but all I get is a one liner request
and some stress

So I go around and do it
the way I thought you meant
Only to be rebuffed
and start it all over again

Like that love letter
scribbled and thrown away
My attempts at converting your vision
end up in your dustbin

Your thoughts, your context,
Your background and verbal inputs
There’s so much that is
Lost in translation here

When you want it done
And leave it to me to do
As necessary
And in my style

There’s enthusiasm
energy, ideas
and closure

But if you still want me
To do exactly the way you want it
Well, it is better

You do it yourself!!!!


As the great Confucius once said:

You ask credit
I no give
You go mad.

I give credit
You no pay
I go mad.

Better you go mad!

Pravin Shekar is an outlier marketer and a raconteur.

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