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Mainstream media companies in America are fundamentally flawed. They treat the scientific consensus of climate change like a “debate,” omit key nuances from their coverage of geopolitical conflicts, and spend more time covering missing planes than American poverty.

Whenever we watch cable TV or read the news from a mainstream media outlet, we are entering a system plagued by corporate and state bias, as is brilliantly outlined in Noam Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent. Furthermore, the solutions to the issues our country faces are framed as a binary choice between the Democratic and Republican options, often leaving non-establishment opinions without a voice.

With such a media climate, it seems like genuine, meaningful articles that come from the heart are becoming harder and harder to come by.

We are an independent, student-led publication with zero ties or allegiances to the establishment, the status quo, or the “insider class.” The only loyalties we have are to truth, morality, and what’s right.

We are dedicated to broadcasting opinions from all across the political spectrum — not just Democratic and Republican, but nationalist, globalist, socialist, libertarian, anarchist — you name it.

We are dedicated to telling real stories with real meaning. As a raw, student-driven organization, we care about the issues that actually matter to people — the ethical bedrock that has an actual application to our lives.

We are dedicated to empiricism and covering the nuances of every issue to a far greater depth than the surface level mainstream media. We believe that evidence comes first and opinions come second, and investigate every issue as holistically as possible, beyond the surface level two party dichotomy of choices we’re so often presented with.

We are the outsiders, after all.

Meet Our Team

Lew Blank

Founder, Editor-In-Chief

Lew Blank is a freshman at the Honors Program of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, and is studying Political Science and Journalism. Blank aligns himself most closely with democratic socialism, and currently works as a journalist for Atlas Obscura and the Young Gifted and Black Coalition.

Timothy O’Shea


Timothy O’Shea is a political science and economics student at Case Western Reserve University. He is a social democrat, and is interested in socialist theory.

Michael Shaten

Sound Designer

College freshman. Musically and progressively driven.

If you are interested in being a writer for The Outsider, please email Lew Blank at moviesbylew@gmail.com.

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