7 Ways Jeb Bush and Gob Bluth Are the Same Person

Because why not have a little fun this pre-election season…


Jeb Bush — former Florida governor, brother of George W., son of George H.W. — has declared he’s running for President in 2016. While I watched his announcement during that rally in Miami, something blew my mind.

Full disclosure: I’m a fan of Arrested Development (2003–06, 2013). I’ve even named my dog Maeby. To this end, it was pretty hard to miss such an indisputable fact:

Jeb Bush Is Gob Bluth.

No seriously. Check it out:

1. Their First Names Are Their Initials.


2. They Demand to be Taken Seriously.

Gob’s got his Alliance of Magicians.

Image: Arrested Development Wiki.

Jeb’s trying to prove he’s his own man.

And they’re failing at both, because…

3. They’re Too Dependent on Family.

Gob makes heavy use of Bluth Company paychecks (but occasionally has to work for it).

Jeb’s consistently made heavy use of his family connections.

4. Their Families Have Serious Baggage in Iraq.

Gob’s family did a little construction work over there.

Jeb’s familial involvement runs a bit deeper.

5. They Like Shaming People.

Gob has his chicken dance.

Jeb Bush has his policies:

6. They Know Their Way Around a Segway.

7. They’re Not the Best at Fiscal Management.

Here’s Gob:

And Jeb in The Tampa Bay Times:

Trust me, America. A vote for Jeb could leave you feeling like…

But on the other hand, Season 5 is coming up

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