Story Song: It Is Well (Bethel Music)

Story by: Rosángela from Staten Island, NY

I can share a lot of stories about how powerful Christian Music is, the many times that I received strength from God through a Christian song, like the song IT IS WELL from Bethel Music when at that moment in my life everything around me crumbled, no more marriage, no place to live, and with 7 children that don’t understand what’s going on, plus as if that wasn’t enough. I had been a worship leader, and that’s when I learnt that I have to keep looking, seeking after God because It Is Well with my soul. I haven’t stopped leading worship. God is healing me, restoring me, my kids are better because of the worship. Hope this little brief of my story will bring strength to someone, no matter what you’re facing IT IS WELL!!

Rossy/ Staten Island NY