“You zombies get off my lawn!”

A friend asked, “How do we expect to compete in an increasingly global economy when US broadband is so much worse than everyone else?”

US worldwide: 43rd in broadband, 42nd in education.

Yes we have no future workforce; it will not compete.

As old geezer, I blame the increase of short-term greed arising out of the pre-apocalyptic Zeitgeist

This world view is perfectly expressed by the popularity of zombie movies and in the romantic hope that vampires are powerful enough to preserve dating as we know it after the crash.

The Meme of our Zeit: it’s all going to crumble, so get it while you can — investing in long-term projects like infrastructure and education won’t make you look good at the 6 month performance review.

Sub-prime mortgage meltdown was a perfect working model of the method to this syndrome.

Exemplified currently in the sub-optimal app slimedown — apps that have the half-life of a hamster, which is OK because they only need to last until IPOOA (IPO or acquisition).


CASE IN POINT: http://boingboing.net/2016/09/13/adblock-now-selling-ads.html

OR, Carrie Tolsedt, Wells Fargo 2010’s most powerful woman in banking

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