Patrick Mahomes II

Is he what the Chiefs need?

If you don’t like the Mahomes pick, I understand. It’s a bit risky; but I plead you to see the possibility. The FBS passing leader last season has upside that made the Chiefs as aggressive as I’ve ever seen. They obviously like something -and so did other teams -if the Chiefs felt the need to trade up.

Here is what I see:

source: draftbreakdown

Here is what I don’t see:


I use the Alex Smith clip to explain why this fits. Mahomes will sit behind Smith’s and Andy Reid’s style, short, easy and safe style. He is exactly the opposite of what the Chiefs are good at doing. To simply put it; the Cheifs will fill the hole he has and develop the skills he needs under the program.

Second, this guy is an athlete. His dad pitched 4 games as a Royal and he was well on his way to pitch more. Mahomes was a first round MLB pick before he decided ride down the football road. The guy is athletic, can run and has the confidence to sling it around. The other two QB’s in the NFL with MLB stock: Jameis Winston and Russell Wilson.

But with the gunslinging, baseball mindset comes a QB that needs work:

source: draftbreakdown
source: draftbreakdown

The thought of this guy in the pocket makes me weary. His offensive line at TT was atrocious and was forced to scramble and throw on the run. Almost every throw you see this guy is made off his back foot, which scares me.

The bottom throw may look nice but that throw doesn’t work in the NFL. When he doesn’t set his feet the ball floats…bad. He almost looks like Derek Jeter jump-throwing across the diamond. But, the Chiefs took him so high with confidence because it is a quick fix for Andy Reid and the Chiefs.

Mahomes will be learning behind Alex Smith this season and possibly the next. “I was extremely happy when it happened,” Mahomes said, “This is the place I wanted to be at so I was really excited.”

Mahomes will still have the Chiefs most dangerous weapons when he debuts. Travis Kelce is signed through 2022 and Jeremy Maclin and Tyreek Hill are on contract through 2020.