PICTURE THIS: Silversun Pickups + Foals + Deap Vally @ Fox Theater, Pomona 4/14/16

Silversun Pickups @ Fox Theater, Pomona-20160414-_DSC3531

Warming up for appearances in the desert, Silversun Pickups and Foals stopped by the Fox Theater in Pomona, with support from duo femme-rockers Deap Vally. Unfortunately for fans wanting to catch Deap Vally, doors opened only 15 minutes before their set, with the line wrapping around three sides of the building and remaining that way until just after Foals’ set began. Still, DV rocked with full force, scoring some extra time to tack on two additional songs. Foals are still going strong on the tail of their latest release What Went Down. Fans were rabid and full of energy; the crowd closest to the stage churned in waves of excitement as frontman Yannis Philippakis jumped into the crowd and climbed atop speaker stacks. As always, Silversun Pickups remained exuberant and energetic, with air of gratitude for all the fans that have stuck with them for so long.

Silversun Pickups @ Fox Theater, Pomona-20160414-_DSC3603
Silversun Pickups @ Fox Theater, Pomona-20160414-_DSC3812
Silversun Pickups @ Fox Theater, Pomona-20160414-_DSC3785
Silversun Pickups @ Fox Theater, Pomona-20160414-_DSC3516
Silversun Pickups @ Fox Theater, Pomona-20160414-_DSC3703
Silversun Pickups @ Fox Theater, Pomona-20160414-_DSC3747
Silversun Pickups @ Fox Theater, Pomona-20160414-_DSC3737

Silversun Pickups

Foals @ Fox Theater, Pomona-20160414-_DSC3488
Foals @ Fox Theater, Pomona-20160414-_DSC3201
Foals @ Fox Theater, Pomona-20160414-_DSC3456
Foals @ Fox Theater, Pomona-20160414-_DSC3445
Foals @ Fox Theater, Pomona-20160414-_DSC3212
Foals @ Fox Theater, Pomona-20160414-_DSC3342
Foals @ Fox Theater, Pomona-20160414-_DSC3479
Foals @ Fox Theater, Pomona-20160414-_DSC3193
Foals @ Fox Theater, Pomona-20160414-_DSC3055
Foals @ Fox Theater, Pomona-20160414-_DSC2911


Deap Vally @ Fox Theater, Pomona-20160414-_DSC2722
Deap Vally @ Fox Theater, Pomona-20160414-_DSC2744

Deap Vally

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