New/Returning Shows to Watch this Winter

With it being the season of new television, and returning of past series, there is no reason why I would not pick such a topic for my first Page article. High Schoolers are constantly looking for fresh material to procrastinate, and as a fresh IB victim, I feel it is my responsibility to hinder my fellow peers’ progress and the seniors that are heading into arguably the hardest time of their life (good luck lol). With there being a treasure trove of great shows on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and some more slightly illegal methods that none of us use, there is no shortage of time to waste instead of finishing your IA’s, writing your much needed CAS reflections, or dealing with the immense stress of being a 10th grader. Do not fret because I am here to present the essential new or returning shows that you should watch right now.

  • Westworld — HBO

Imagine an amusement park that millionaires would attend on their holidays to just get away from it all. Westworld is a show set in the future that makes this idea a reality. The amusement park initially looks normal and safe but you slowly realise the the area is looked after by robotic hosts and allows the rich visitors to live out their fantasies with no consequences. The show stars the legendary Oscar winning actor Anthony Hopkins and is a must watch for any Sci-Fi fans out there.

  • Designated Survivor — Netflix

Who doesn’t want to watch a television show about an unqualified president of the United States in order to prepare for January? Designated Survivor is a Netflix original that paints a bleak representation of the world when the United States government falls apart due to a terrorist attack and all hope falls upon Tom Kirkman, the secretary for Housing and Urban Development. By discussing themes involving race, terrorism, conspiracy and many more that are quite relatable in modern society.

  • The Walking Dead — AMC

I’m unsure if there are any people out there that don’t know the Walking Dead. It has many lovers and its fair share of haters in the world. The Walking Dead is inspired from the popular comics of Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. I personally stopped watching the show after season three but have gotten back into the show after the immense reaction that occurred when season 7 returned a couple weeks ago. If you’re one of the few who are yet to have tried the show, and are a fan of apocalyptic shows, you can’t miss the Walking Dead.

  • Better Call Saul — AMC

The prequel to the greatest show ever created, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul tells the strange story of a strange man Jimmy McGill. For any of you Breaking Bad fans out there you’ll notice that Jimmy looks an awful lot like the legendary Breaking Bad character Saul Goodman, the lawyer for Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. The show is set six years prior to him becoming the lawyer for Albuquerque’s most notorious criminal and with Walter and Jesse being rumoured to come into the show in the upcoming season, there is no better reason to start watching.

  • Stranger Things — Netflix

Set in 1980s Indiana, Stranger Things on Netflix has spread like wildfire among all ages. The show blew up in the Summer, but if you are yet to watch the show, it’s unmissable. Winona Ryder, a popular actress from the 1990s, plays a mother of two sons, one of which who mysteriously vanishes one night when returning from his regular play date with his best friends. As the mother, officials and the best friends search try to solve the case, they stumble upon secret government experiments and certain supernatural forces.

  • Making a Murderer — Netflix

The show that was released on Netflix in mid December of 2015 literally consumed millions of lives is one of the greatest documentary series ever created. By tugging at our heartstrings throughout the 10 episodes, the creators use footage from the 80s and today to tell the strange story about Steven Avery, a convicted rapist and murderer. Initially he was wrongly imprisoned, released after 25 years behind bars and due to spoilers, all I’ll say is that the mystery continued. If you’ve got a weekend free, I recommend you jump on Netflix, watch the first episode, and I assure you that you’ll finish the show by Monday.

  • The Night Of — HBO

This dark eight episode series produced by HBO tells the mysterious story of main character Nasir Khan and the murder he is allegedly involved in. The Night Of don’t only follow Nasir, but the police investigation and the court proceedings regarding the murder while also questioning the US criminal justice system today. By also dealing with racial issues in the United States, which are bound to increase in the coming years, it’s unwise to miss this one.

  • The Man in the High Castle — Amazon

This risky television show that is produced by Amazon Prime, takes a look at what the world might have been like if World War II had ended differently. In the modern dystopia, the Axis powers won the war, causing the United States to be divided into three parts, an area controlled by the Japanese, a Nazi-controlled area, and a rebel area between the two. With this very original idea, and great production, The man in the High Castle is a great show for people looking for a show set in an alternative history.

  • The Apprentice USA — NBC

Who doesn’t want to watch a show with such a beautiful man.