The Pandimensionals NFT Collection: Presale Announcement from the Founder, PJ Cooper

Whitelist registrations are now closed.

Congratulations to everyone who made it. You can check if you’re on the WL here

If you didn’t make the WL, don’t worry, we’ve made sure there will be enough supply for the public sale.

Plus, we’ve built a function into our smart contract which checks if a wallet has minted. This means bots won’t be able to mint, move the NFT out of their wallet and mint again during the presale. Yes this means there may be fewer mints during the presale period, and we’ll make less ETH, BUT it’s fairer on you. We saw this happen during the Psychedelics Anon mint. A couple of wallets managed to mint over 100 each during their presale. We learned from their mistake and put this function in place to make the presale fair.

What next?

We’ll publish the official mint link
1. On our Discord channel: 🔗|official-links

2. On our website: please make sure you’re on the right website:

3. On our official Twitter: please make sure you’re looking at the right account:

How do I mint?

During the presale you need to connect your whitelisted wallet to our minting page.

Make sure you have enough ETH for the mint AND gas fees. We don’t control gas fees, but we’ve made our smart contract as gas efficient as possible. You will have 24 hours to mint during the presale so choose a time that’s best for you. Please be aware that during the presale you will pay just 0.05 ETH + gas and you’ll receive 3 NFTs. The gas cost will reflect the fact you are minting 3 NFTs. In our tests (when GWEI was around 75), the gas cost was approx $77 for all three NFTs.

Watch out for scammers

PLEASE only use our Discord’s 🔗|official-links channel — take your time, there’s no rush. Better to take your time than lose your ETH.

We won’t DM you links, we won’t publish links in any of our chat channels.

There are multiple fake Pandimensionals collections on OpenSea — a sure sign the scammers think we’re going to be a BIG success.

We will publish the link to our OpenSea collection in #🔗|official-links, on our Twitter and on our website

When do I see what I’ve minted?

We will reveal the artwork approx one week after we’ve sold out.

If we have not sold out after two weeks (it took BAYC two weeks to sell out), we will close the mint, limiting the supply to those already minted and immediately reveal the artwork. So the most you’ll have to wait is two weeks. Hopefully you’ll see it sooner.

When is Phase Two being launched?

We do not have a fixed date yet, but work is already underway on Phase 2+.

Whatever happens during Phase 1, Phase 2+ WILL proceed. We already have the funds, the team, and the motivation to do so. We expect Phase 2+ to be launched in the early summer time. BUT, we do have some surprises and rewards planned that are not mentioned on the roadmap that will land sooner.

Will Pandimensionals be on Rarity Tools?

Yes! As soon as 10% of our total supply has been minted, we will submit the collection to Rarity Tools. We’ve considered other such websites but believe Rarity Tools is the most accurate and will be our first choice.

What if I want to check my NFTs before the collection is on Rarity Tools

You’ll be able to see your NFTs properties and their % in OpenSea. Super-rares have an extra rarity trait. And if your badge has a circle or triangle on it, you can count on it being rare. It means you’ll be a member of one of the special tribes which will give you additional rewards at later stages in our roadmaps

Will there be a Tribe Member only channel on Discord?

Yes! As we’ve added Collab Land so you can verify ownership. Owners will be able to access the #🔥|tribe-members channel

Will there be a SalesBot?

Yes! As we’ve added an OpenSea SalesBot to #🪙|sales-bot — only token owners will be able to access it

Will Pandimensionals be on any other NFT marketplaces?

Yes! We’ll be on LooksRare and Rarible. Official links will be here #🔗|official-links

I won a giveaway, when will I get my free NFT?

We will airdrop your NFT during the Presale period to the wallet your provided to us. If you haven’t yet provided your wallet, please DM us with your wallet address on Twitter

What can you do to help?

The success of the collection is down to you! Please share your NFTs, please wear them as your PFP in Discord and on Twitter. Please rave about the collection when you get the chance.

And finally…

Thank you for your continued support. Ulysees Funk and I have lived, breathed, sweated and been all consumed by Pandimensionals since November last year.

I wanted to do this project because my son left home to go to uni, I’d been in lockdown too long and my mental health had been suffering. NFTs for me were an escape. They saved me. For me, the project has already given me everything I needed. It’s succeeded in fulfilling my goals by bringing me closer to my co-founder, by helping me fill the hole that my son left when he went to uni, and by helping me find new friends and bring joy into my life everyday when I receive messages of support from you, or get a like on Twitter when I post some of our art. Remember, it’s the little things in life that bring true joy.

Thank you once again, your support means more to me than you could ever know.

Your friend, PJ



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