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Learning through each other’s experiences.

I was working in Los Angeles and it had already been a long night. I had a pick-up from a concert at The Wiltern on Wilshire and it was about 11 P.M. …

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Romantic relationships tell you a lot about yourself. Your attachment style. Your love language. Your needs and desires. Your habits and coping styles. In other words, a romantic relationship puts you on a pedestal. And if you pay close enough attention, you’ll come to learn that not everything is black…

Learning To Love All Of Me.

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I panicked but instead of pushing away, I unconsciously detached “physical me” from “emotional me” and “spiritual me”.

Internally I was screaming RUN, but externally my body would not listen.

It had other plans.

Other needs, perhaps?

Regardless, the connection had been severed.

I felt shame, weak, and vulnerable.


My great-grandmother turned toward me, but her focus was somewhere distant. We sat on the stone wall of her raised garden, staring at the 40-foot pine trees towering over her house; they were knee-high when she planted them over half a century ago. The cold, dry weather wrought strong south-west…

Hand Washing Fountain Thing” by Kurt Nordstrom is licensed under CC BY 2.0

This story from my father taught me that sometimes, mistakes can be powerful statements in disguise.

My father strongly disagrees with my opinion that this story is a revolutionary story, but he still gave me permission to write about it. …

Saturday, February 13th will be my sixtieth birthday. This will be the first decade of my life I enter, free of mental illness. I feel as though I should be walking through some kind of massive gate, an entrance to an emotionally healthy decade.

Initially diagnosed over the course of…

I feel as though I’m being asked to choose between something as basic as breathing and my hard-won emotional health. And these days, as the pandemic comes up on a year, I’m renewing my fight for my emotional health on a daily basis.

I was diagnosed with adult-onset asthma in…

The sunset outside as I worked on this piece. Photo by the author.

The six degrees

It’s a great movie, a wonderful party game, and a fascinating concept — the idea that we are all connected in some way by just six levels, six steppingstones of people in our associations and familial relations. …

Photo via Canva.

It was 11:30 a.m. My three-year-old daughter was losing her mind. In the background, a group of nuns stared at us. I’m quite sure that at least one of them was feeling smug about her decision to remain chaste.

We were at The Grotto, a Catholic church nestled in the…

Yesterday began a new year in a global era none had ever seen coming. And all things considered, it is such a great time to be alive.

Medium says that every idea needs a medium, and The Parables’ mission is to serve as a medium for storytellers to tell their…

The Parables

Learning through each other’s experiences.

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