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👀 “Speed Dating” with the Parallel — All about Enjoy-to-earn

Are you curious about How to earn in The Parallel universe? Let’s take a look inside the diverse world that awaits you. Below, we’ve compiled some questions you might have regarding earning in The Parallel!

🔸 Question 1: Can you explain the model Enjoy-to-earn, that is especially unique in The Parallel?

Answer: Enjoy-to-earn is a special model only The Parallel has. Enjoy to Earn has many advantages over the current play-to-earn model (compare with the Play to Earn model). The balance of enjoying & earning creates sustainable development. (people find joy in experimenting with purpose). And “Enjoy” in this model includes: Creative, Play, Develop and Connect.

🔸 Question 2: Which audience does The Parallel want to reach?

Answer: The Parallel is aiming to open up the opportunity for everyone to join, build, develop, and earn inside The Parallel universe no matter who they are. Our Parallese can be a gaming player, trader, farmer, investor, partner, or creator, game studio, and entertainment company.

🔸 Question 3: How can we earn in The Parallel?

The earning potential in The Parallel can be both simple and dynamically complex. There are four primary categories for earning: The Foundation game, Casual gaming, Defi, Ecosystem sharing.

🔸 Question 4: Briefly introduce and explain how to earn through The Foundation Game

Foundation Game — The Paragon Crafting Game is the first start of the Parallel universe for Parallese. Users, especially creators will be joined the infinite universe by using Runes to create Paragon. Depending on the designing skills that are fully supported by technology inside the Foundation Game and the limitless creativity of users, your Paragon is the unique and only one that existed inside The Parallel and you can earn from them.

For more details, in The Parallel, players can create and earn from 2 types of things, are Para-Art and Paragon:

◾ Create Para-Art: Users need to create the Para-Art model (this is free to design) and then register for the copyright of Para-Art (with a small fee). Creators can sell or lease the Para-Art to earn BNB.

◾ Craft Paragon: Users create paragons (NFTs) from Runes blocks based on Para-Art drawings (this process costs a small fee). The generated paragons will have unique designs and stats. Players can trade Paragons to earn BNB or stake Paragons (NFTs) to earn PS Tokens.

Otherwise, besides the earning function, the Foundation Game is created with the target of using Creative as the core value, that pushes the limitless of development in The Parallel. And we always support players by providing tools for creativity: The Paragon Crafting Game, Hydra System technology to protect the copyright, the partnership with Game Studio and Entertainment Company.

🔸 Question 5: Briefly introduce and explain how to earn through Casual Game

Casual Game is designed for users to explore The Parallel through games with diverse content and ways of playing, thereby earning more Runes and generating income. The first casual game in The Parallel is Woodcutter that players can buy tools and control the character to cut trees in the map to receive rewards such as Runes and PS Token (depending on the game).

🔸 Question 6: Briefly introduce and explain how to earn through Ecosystem sharing

Ecosystem Sharing is for Game Developer/Studio and Entertaining Companies, that studio games can develop their own game inside The Parallel. And its economic system is linked with the economy in The Parallel. For the Entertaining Companies, they can organize entertainment activities and events on The Parallel, attracting users to pay service fees for those events.

🔸 Question 7: Briefly introduce and explain how to earn through Defi functions

The Defi functions in The Parallel include Earning and Mining:

◾ Parallese can earn more tokens by farming and staking on Pool to earn PRL and other tokens.

◾ Mining is a special function that users use the PRL token to stake on pool PRL and earning mining point, the mining point can be converted into the Runes users want. Mining points also can be transferred to other people.

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The Parallel — An Infinite Metaverse

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The Parallel is an infinite metaverse with a real-world simulation game system where players can create paragons to to engage in earning, entertainment, and networking activities.

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