I Never Thought I’d Get a Face Tattoo, Yet Here I Am

Motherhood is full of surprises

Kendra Sparkles
The Parenting Portal


Photo by Amanda Dalbjörn on Unsplash

I arrived at my appointment fifteen minutes late, clutching my sides and breathing harder than I had the one time I was tricked into taking a spin class. I couldn’t find a parking spot so I shamelessly ran four blocks in the pouring rain and was a dripping mess when I burst through the salon door.

I could NOT miss this appointment. It was my first free moment in an eternity since my husband had been across the country for the past three months on a work assignment, leaving me alone with two feral toddlers. I was getting my face tattooed that day if I had to steal the needle and do it myself.

I gripped the vinyl armrests as the esthetician held my chin in her hands, frowning.

“Has it always been like this?” She asked, running an acrylic nail over the spot where an eyebrow should have been.

“No. I went my entire life with two eyebrows until I got pregnant with my second daughter. I went to bed one night with two and woke up with one on the pillow.” As crazy as it sounded, it was true. My eyebrow had mysteriously fallen off during pregnancy. After having my bloodwork done, the doctor could not find a reason for my eyebrow loss and shrugged it off as pregnancy-related hormonal changes.