Lessons I Learnt From My Father That Are Helping Me Now As A New Mother!

Many things my dad did to parent my brother and me are still relevant today.

Mehek Kapoor
The Parenting Portal
5 min readJun 12, 2024


Photo by Marcin Jozwiak on Unsplash
Photo by Marcin Jozwiak on Unsplash

My father became a parent in the 1990s when I was born, and my son was born last year in 2023.

Of course, there is a big difference, a generational gap to be honest, but some lessons simply pass the test of time.

My father is someone who started from the ground bottom in life. He made it big only by his sheer hard work and resilience. But he never let me or my brother take advantage of his money or influence in life.

The first lesson that he taught us was to —

Value Money

(Because things may not stay the same in life).

Different people see money differently, and most of it comes from your upbringing. My father comes from a country (India) that had recently gained independence, and most of the population was starving and poverty-stricken at the time when he was growing up.

He shared with us how his parents (my grandparents) used to ration milk among his 4 siblings. Every child only got milk to drink…