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When is Science Done?

Introducing the “Finishing Science” Podcast

Episode 0: Meet your Host

“Science is not finished until it’s communicated”
— UK chief scientist Sir Mark Walport

Science communication is booming, with more organizations advocating for scientists to share their research with the public. What does successful science communication look like? Where does a person go for resources? Should everyone become a science communicator?

Often scicomm guides share what scientists can do, such as start a Twitter profile, and where you can share science, such science festivals. Less often shared in a beginner informational is about how to say something.

Not everyone communicates easily out of the womb. It takes practice and determination in a lot of respects. You learn what helps people understand, you learn what confuses people. Through time and effort, you learn.

Finishing Science is a short podcast that discusses science communication with practicing professionals. Some of these folks are scientists, some are art administrators, and some are marketing specialists. All six guests have an interest in science, along with learning the best way to share science with the world.​

Join Particle Editor Andrea Lloyd over the next several weeks as she interviews scientists and non-scientists alike about communicating STEM topics to the general public.

Meet your Host, Andrea Lloyd!

Andrea Lloyd is a Texas native who has loved science for as long as she can remember. Growing up in Corpus Christi and Houston reveal her two greatest passions: ocean and space, respectively.

She is a strategic science communicator, working to help the general public understand and enjoy science, in addition to helping scientists understand how to better communicate with the public at large.

Her credentials include a Bachelors of Science in Telecommunication Media Studies from Texas A&M University, in addition to a Professional Writing Certificate, a Strategic Communication Certificate, and a minor in English.

In Spring 2021, She will complete her thesis focused in the necessity of public relations for crewed spaceflight and ultimately graduate with a Masters of Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin.

She has had the pleasure of interning in NASA Langley Research Center’s Public Affairs Office three times in two years. Her favorite past times include baking and knitting, but looks forward to he next SCUBA diving trip whenever it is safe to travel again.

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Andrea Lloyd

Andrea Lloyd

Writes about space, science, public relations, & their intersection. USGS SciComm Specialist. NASA Intern x3 . Opinions are my own.