A Tale of Two ERs

It’s been one hell of a couple weeks, let me tell you!

Remington Write
The Partnered Pen


Photo Credit — Remington Write / The clean, well organized ER at NYU Langone

Sure, age is just a number. That’s what we like to whistle in the dark but the reality is that old age is turning out to be a parade of illnesses, doctors’ visits, and just to keep things spicy, the odd trip to the Emergency Room. And, as our most recent experience in the maw of the American Medical Establishment will attest, not all ERs are created equal.

This is not news to me after having twice spent upwards of eighteen hours parked in the infamous Bellevue Hospital’s ER back in 2004. This was before I got old but the impression of chaos and suffering remains.

This latest saga began the day I left for an exciting, all expense-paid trip to a conference in Hershey, PA at the end of February. My partner in life and art, AleXander, wasn’t feeling well but convinced me that I should go to the conference. I dithered but in the end I really did want to go to this conference. So off I went.

By Friday night it was clear that AleXander was in bad shape and on Saturday everything went south in a big way. He was barely able to drag himself to the CityMD less than a half a mile from home where they clocked his blood pressure at 75/55 and pointed him to the nearest ER. We were in constant communication through all this and I recommended Mt. Sinai’s newest…