Being A Pedestrian

In a world of drivers

Remington Write
The Partnered Pen


Photo Credit — Remington Write / The view from the platform of the D train in Brooklyn — All those cars

I didn’t get the memo that as an American I am not only entitled to own a car, I’m required to love cars and be keenly attuned to car culture. Oops. Did I mention that I’m the proud holder of a Senior Metrocard that costs me half what I had to pay for that sucker before my 65th birthday? Yup, $66 for 30 days of unlimited bus and subway riding throughout the five boroughs of New York City. But, here’s the thing, it’s not even as if I grew up where there was an abundance of public transit options.

I grew up riding in cars. Most Americans do as well as many in sizeable bits of Europe. Asia and South America are catching on and soon everyone everywhere will believe it’s deity-given their right to drive a car.

Suffice to say my earliest experiences with “driving lessons” ensured my pedestrian status for the rest of my days. I’ve never had a driver’s license, never owned a car, never wanted to own one, and am of the unpopular opinion that this would be a better world if they all disappeared in a flash of oily pink smoke. Poof! Do not even get me started on “clean”…