Full List Of School Shootings Since Columbine. Notice Anything?

Not really a 16 min read, just a really long list. Can anyone explain 2013? Because wow.

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16 min readMay 29, 2022


Vigil for Parkland School Shooting // CCO photo source

In 2010, a 41 year old man climbed the fence of an elementary school in Carlsbad, California and opened fire on 230 students in the playground. He injured two little 2nd-grade girls before a construction worker tackled him to the ground. The shooter was sentenced to 189 years in jail.

You probably never heard about it. Because no one died.

In Marinette, Wisconsin, also 2010, a 15 year old boy stormed a classroom with a rifle, shot out the movie projector and took a teacher and 23 students hostage. After a 5 hour standoff with police, he shot himself. That didn’t make national news, either. One death is hardly news.

The number of times teachers, principals and custodial staff tackle shooters with active weapons is shocking and outrageous.

Most of them you never hear about. If the media reported every school shooting, they’d never have time to report on anything else.

The #1 cause of death in children is now firearms, according to the National Pediatric Association. Homicide by firearm. #1 cause of death in kids now.

“Mass shooters copy each other” — James Densley, co-founder The Violence Project. [source]

Here’s a list of school shootings in America since Columbine. Scroll slowly. Notice anything? Any ideas what happened in 2013? Because wow. 2020 speaks volumes, too.

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts…


Feb 29 [0 dead], [1 inj.], [Shooter: M, 15], Notus, ID
> April 20 [15 dead], [21 inj.], [Shooter: M, 18, 17], Columbine, CO
Jun 28 [0 dead], [6 inj.], [Shooter: M, 15], Conyers, GA
Aug 28 [1 dead], [0 inj.], [Shooter: M, 13], Deming, NM
Sep 02 [0 dead], [6 inj.], [Shooter: M, 13], Fort Gibson, OK




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