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Governor Dan Thinks Grandparents Should Die to Save the Economy

#NotDyingForWallStreet is trending & the tweets are funny as h3ll

Linda Caroll
Mar 25 · Unlisted
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Move over #everyotherhashtag, because #NotDyingForWallStreet is trending
on Twitter. Turns out not all Americans are falling for it.

You Can’t Even Say “Ok, Boomer” because he IS one… and he’s wrong. Dead wrong.

How odd that someone who’s so vehemently opposed to abortion (#savethebabies) thinks it’s okay to sacrifice old people.

1) It’s not just old people dying…

— 38% of Americans hospitalized for COVID-19 were 20–54.
— 12% of all the ICU beds are people aged 20–44.
— First child death just happened in California.

It’s not for the kids, let’s not delude ourselves…

Let’s not kid ourselves. When business is hurting, the employees struggle because they earned crap to begin with.

Don’t Listen to Politicians. Listen to the Doctors.

It’s not about sacrificing people.

It’s understanding that without physical distancing, if we just went “back to business as usual” transmission will happen and we don’t get to pick who dies. No sacrifice. Just a lot of gambling.

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