Questionable Cliffs I’ve Jumped From

Don’t be like me………or maybe DO?

Remington Write
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Photo Credit — Remington Write / In which I bought two tickets to see Leonard Cohen in Prague with no idea who I’d invite along to see him

Who trots down to the local Chase branch to change a pile of U.S. dollars into Czech koruna to buy two tickets to see Leonard Cohen in Prague eight months out via the postal mail service? Follow up question: who then does it again because she didn’t take into consideration the exchange value and so still owes twenty koruna on those tickets?

Put more simply, who sends cash to purchase two tickets for a show in a city where she knows not one blessed soul but which she’ll be visiting in eight months?

You got it on the first try.

Yes, I did buy those tickets which weren’t available for purchase online in 2009. And eight months later I did go to Prague all on my own just because I wanted to and yes I did find someone to go see that show with me.

Ok, so yes, I did pay for all the other expenses for that trip with my credit card. That kind of behavior will get you a front row seat at your local Debtors’ Anonymous meeting if you’re not careful. But eventually I’ve managed to pay away the credit card debt for that trip and my other solo adventure to Venice, Italy.