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Things You Can Do To Help You Write For Long Stretches Of Time

“Whatever you do, don’t start to clean your house.”

Kyrie Gray
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It’s always a problem. I come up with a great idea. However I don’t have the deep pockets to hire a ghostwriter. So I have to put my butt in the seat and get to work.

Yet there comes a point where I want to throw my computer at the wall in frustration. Most of the time it’s little things that shove me over the edge. Like having to look at my hands or dealing with an overbearing silence when alone. Here is how you can beat those issue that get into you head so you can make the writing process more enjoyable.

Play some café sound effects

I don’t always have the money to go out and write in a social environment. But I find myself going stir-crazy after more than 2 hours of quiet. Yet I can’t have a podcast on in the background as I often find myself more focused on some grisly murder than what is happening on my computer screen.

So I go to YouTube and stream café sound effects. Somehow this tricks my brain (especially with headphones) into believing that I’m pretentiously writing in a crowded environment.

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Make your hands pretty

I’m as low maintenance as they come. But even I can only look at my ugly fingers for so long before being disgusted. Typing on a computer means that my digits are always in my peripheral vision. It gets so bad that I stop writing, knowing I can’t continue to look at my poor abused nails on the keyboard any longer.

Getting them done, making them shiny and pretty, is a small treat that ensures that the hours I’m spending writing, I am also spending looking at my pretty hands.

Don’t dilly-dally when you can doodle!

If you’ve ever written for long stretches of time in class only to discover that an entire half of your paper is covered in doodles, this is the tip for you. After about an hour of writing (or at any moment where I want burn it all) I’ll get out my sketchbook and doodle some sentences in the story. Sometimes I use these doodles, sometimes not.

If I’m lucky I find new avenues to explore that were brought on by my scribbles. This practice keeps me from that 5 minute YouTube breather that inevitably becomes an hour-long YouTube binge of cat videos.

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Find yourself a writing wife or husband (or both)

Accountability keeps me going and having someone in my life who I know will read my drafts (or chastise me for not having a draft) lights a fire under my butt. The perfect writing partner is difficult to find. There’s no writer’s Tinder where you can swipe right.

Find a writer’s group and see who you connects with your writing. Then you two can avoid the larger group get-togethers for a low-key meeting where no one discusses the color of a car in their story for a half-hour.

No matter what you do, don’t torture yourself. The process of writing should be fun. If it isn’t, change what you can to find some of that elusive joy while working. All work and no play makes you think about murdering your family. So if none of the above tips work, maybe take a break.

The Partnered Pen

MPP friends writing about life, love, and everything else in between together.

Kyrie Gray

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Freelancer, comedian, and coffee drinker. Writing nerdy humor, practical advice, satire, and stories. Also draws comics sometimes.

The Partnered Pen

MPP friends writing about life, love, and everything else in between together.

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