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Treat Your Job Like Your Spouse

Are you in a healthy relationship with your writing?

Katy Velvet
Jun 20, 2019 · 2 min read

We all know about the dating phases of a relationship. We see something that catches our eye, we gravitate towards it, we become entranced... some may refer to this as the honeymoon phase.

We know how the story goes. We become so passionate in a relationship that we might even find ways to escape it eventually. We get so entangled in wanting to build so much more, yet we are really doing quite the opposite.

Perhaps your obsession with wanting success has taken over your life.

The key to success is not just to want it, but to live and breathe it.

Sometimes success means not thinking about it at all.

Just like in a relationship, it’s unhealthy to pressure the other party to have kids because of a silly timeline you decided to create for yourself.

Just like in a relationship, it’s unhealthy to spend every waking moment with your partner without having interaction with anyone else.

Just like in a relationship, it’s unhealthy to get stuck in a routine that causes endless boredom and predictability.

You need spice. And you need it now.

Obsessing over stats, curation, and what other people are doing is not going to equate to success. It may have taken someone 4 months to reach their goal, but it might take you 6 or 7. The point is: stop pressuring yourself because something worked for someone else. Your time will come.

Spending your entire day focusing on your writing without eating, sleeping, or even showering is unhealthy. Brush your teeth once in a while. Drink water. Your writing won’t be sexy anymore if you aren’t.

If you’re writing in the same hour on the same day of every week, you’ve got some serious problems. Start writing outside, write with 2 people, hell — chain your laptop in my basement for all I care. Just… change it up.

Do your relationship a favour and let it breathe. It will flourish on its own.

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